About Us

ShipToCameroon is the company that made the promise to facilitate shipping to Cameroon from the USA using the highest level of Operational Excellence under the universal standards of Total Quality Management, all this is done within a highly ethical and safe environment.

What our customers like the most is our effectiveness to maintain consistently a maximum of 60 days cycle time from our promised monthly departure at th US port to the delivery of the goods in Cameroon. As far as safety and security of the items shipped with us, we are proud to claim that so far we have lost zero items from any of our customers, and so far we have been able to deliver goods to our customers at the promised timeframe despite the multiple difficulties encountered at Douala port due to congestions.


Affordable monthly shipping with timely delivery of goods to Cameroon using fastest sea vessels.


Improve Delivery, Cycle Time, Customer Service, and Cost, to make shipping to Cameroon an easy affordable and rewarding experience for all nationals and foreigners.


Honesty, On-time, Pricing, Excellence.

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