Our Services

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  1. We use the fastest shipping lines in the world to have quick delivery in Douala
  2. We provide cheapest prices in the DC-MD-VA area for shipping to Douala
  3. We ship once a month with scheduled pick up service twice a week
  4. We have a warehouse with loading dock and office that opens late during the week and on weekends for drop-offs
  5. We guarantee quality customer service delivery of all products to recipients in Douala

Details About Loading:

  1. Loading Date: The last Saturday of Every Month
  2. Loading Address: 8660 Cherry Ln unit#7, Laurel, Maryland
  3. Container Size: 40 ft
  4. Destination: Douala – Cameroon
  5. Shipping Line: MAERSK/ACL

Details About Pick Up:

  • Proper Identification Required to pick up
  • Each Package Assigned a Code Needed along with the proper Identity card at Pick up
  • Professional Team in Douala to Guarantee all goes smooth during Pick up
  • Storage Space available for those who miss the pick up date
  • Phone Numbers for Pick in Douala:
    MTN: (237) 677-37-38-90
    ORANGE: (237) 690-98-42-03